Ultimate Goat Supplement

Ultimate Goat Supplement is a revolutionary product designed to provide goats with a complete and balanced vitamin/mineral package.

  * Vitamin B's - Usually goats don't need to be provided vitamin B's as microorganisms in the rumen can manufacture all of the B vitamins. However, if the goat gets a digestive problem like acidosis from eating too many concentrates, the healthy microorganisms that make Thiamine (Vitamin B1) may be killed off. Thiamine is so important that if the goat is not quickly injected with it, she may suddenly appear blind and start to stagger, convulse, and die from a metabolic disease called polioencephalomalacia.

  *Vitamin E - Vitamin E works with the mineral, selenium, to allow normal growth. “White muscle” disease is a degeneration of the muscle tissue that affects young kids. It can be prevented or improved with vitamin E and selenium treatment. The key here is having the vitamins and minerals always available to prevent these health issues from occurring. Prevention is much easier than trying to fix the issue after its occurred.

Developed by a goat breeder who was not happy with what was available on the market they went to work and developed a formula which provides everything a goat needs to stay healthy and happy.  Most of the goat supplements out there are missing important ingredients from their list or just didn't contain much of anything to really help improve the health of our goats. This supplement is specifically formulated to enhance and improve the digestive tract and feed utilization of goats, ensuring optimal health and nutrition.

One of the key features of Ultimate Goat Supplement is its inclusion of pre- and pro-biotics, along with digestive enzymes. These components work together to promote a healthy gut flora, aiding in the digestion and absorption of nutrients. By optimizing the digestive process, goats are able to extract maximum nutrition from their feed, leading to improved overall health and vitality. Thereby improving your rate of gain and reducing your feed costs.

In addition to its digestive benefits, Ultimate Goat Supplement also contains a natural wormer. This natural alternative helps to control and prevent internal and external parasites, which can be a common issue in goats. By incorporating a natural wormer into the supplement, goat owners can reduce the reliance on chemical treatments, promoting a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to goat health management while reducing the effects of chemicals and chemical resistance of worms.

Furthermore, Ultimate Goat Supplement features a special herbal package with natural health benefits. These carefully selected herbs provide additional support to the goat's immune system, promoting overall well-being and resilience. With the inclusion of these herbs, goats can experience enhanced immune function, increased resistance to diseases, and improved overall health. A couple of herbs included for their benefits to goat health are:

 * Garlic Garlic is rich in vitamins and minerals that are essential for the health of goats. It contains high levels of vitamin C, vitamin B6, and manganese, which can help boost the immune system, regulate metabolism, and promote healthy bone growth. Garlic also contains significant amounts of potassium, calcium, and iron, which can help maintain healthy blood pressure levels, strengthen bones, and prevent anemia. Garlic contains compounds that can help promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut, which can aid in digestion and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Garlic also contains allicin, a powerful antioxidant that can help protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. This can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases and improve overall health and works as a natural wormer and helps reduce respiratory issues. 

  * Basil- Goats can eat basis and enjoy the taste of it Basis is a good source ov vitamin A and C as well as iron and calcium, niacin, riboflavin and thiamin which are all essential to goat health.  

One of the biggest issues within the goat industry is worms. There are a few types of worms which affect goats. Some symptoms are visible, such as diarrhea, blood in their feces, and a rough coat. Some behavioral changes include lethargy, restlessness, and panting. Other symptoms may not be as noticeable, such as decreased appetite, dehydration, weight loss, and anemia. 

The most common worm is the Barer pole worm. This type of worm is transmitted through ingestion of grass or water. They are long and thin and can be visible in the goat’s feces or on the lining of the stomach. Barber pole worms can cause anemia, weight loss, and death in severe cases. They attach to the stomach lining and poke holes in the gut and until the lining of the stomach is healed, the goat loses nutrients through these holes which causes the goats to become thin and poor conditioned. 

There has been research done which shows that around 20% of your goat herd carries 80% of the worm load. 

Are there other options to using chemical wormers and building up a resistance in your goat herd? I say yes, with the use of natural wormers which build up the immune system so the goat is able to ward off the worms. If there are worms present, the ingredients in Ultimate Goat Supplement will help to kill the worms via the herbs and the diatomaceous earth

At Ultimate Goats, we are committed to providing goat owners with the highest quality products. Our Ultimate Goat Supplement is backed by scientific research and formulated with the specific needs of goats in mind. With our supplement, you can trust that your goats are receiving the essential nutrients they need for optimal health and performance.

Whether you are a goat breeder, farmer, or simply a goat enthusiast, Ultimate Goat Supplement is a must-have addition to your goat care routine. Give your goats the ultimate support they deserve with Ultimate Goat Supplement, the go-to choice for goat health and nutrition.